Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weather App

So the boyfriend had a school project to make a weather app using...something with Google, I dont know the technical half, but it was just supposed to be an app that visually tells you the weather in whatever place you want.   He needed some art for it, and since I'm pretty much a good person, I helped him out.

Also we decided that we would continue with this project just because the art didnt turn out so bad.  I kinda churned this out in one given more time we're gonna create some more stuff, and change a few things.  But this is what I have!

Some night time shit.

And a sun.


Apocalypse Snow

Yeah so that's the gist of it.  Here's the actually website link.

Eventually it's gonna look good actually.  We're planning to make it so it can tell if you're in an urban/suburb/rural area and the house and scenery would change based on that.  Also make clouds, since that happens.  And a few other things I cant remember right now.  Something about seasons too or whatever?

This is like the first hardcore working thing I've done since school.  Stayed up till it was like 9 am doing it, just like the good old times.  My hand was sore too hahaha.

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