Friday, August 1, 2008

Some kind of post?

I decided I should upload art of some kind.  To prove to myself almost that I have drawn at least a little this summer.
These are drawings done at work when I had a few minutes to myself.  Surprisingly, none of them are pizza oriented.

Obviously not done at work, I just drew that now.  The pictures are backwards if you have not noticed.  This is ATHF, Nintendo DS Lite version.  I like Shake the best, cause I couldnt remember defining features of anyone else.

This I did not do this summer, it was just in the room.  A painting for my mom's b-day.  I did it hour before she came home from work that day.  She liked it a lot for some reason.  Yeah. It's 2 years old!  My painting skill has not improved.

Hard to see.

I like drawing things that look kinda religious.  Despite my obvious disregard for any form of religion.  Maybe I can draw more things like that.  I will see.
I miss drawing in my sketchbook....the paper is larger than 4 inches, it's nice.  One day I will sit down and just draw ballet dancers all day.  That is my dream.

And the flowers that bloom in my yard.  They are coming out.

Also I sound so dull man! D:  What's going on?

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